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Here at McLarens We deal with many types of trade and wholesale customers ranging from large garden centre chains to small landscape and garden design businesses. It is therefore unrealistic to try to offer the same wholesale discount to such very different and varied types of customer. If you wish to apply for a trade account you can read our TRADE CUSTOMERS policy below.




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Trade Account Policy

Please take the time to browse the Retail section. This will allow you to see the range of different plants and services we have to offer. This will help you to build up an idea of your list of plant requirements.


To qualify for a Trade Account fax or email your company details, including your contact and email details. Include any plant requirements you may have and we will offer a quotation.


Trade Account quotations will be based on the following

  • Order quantity
  • Order regularity
  • Where in the country you are located and subsequent carriage costs.


If you qualify for a Trade Account please bring your company letterhead and business cheque book when you first visit. This will allow your account and password to be setup.