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Bog Plants

11th October 2019 | Planting Advice

Typically used to add an interesting border to ponds, bog plants are technically not aquatic plants. If the area around your pond is heavy and constantly damp you can grow bog plants without any further preparation.

However, for ground that is always damp, but not permanently waterlogged, bog plants are a good group of plants to consider and can be planted in many gardens where these conditions naturally occur. Bog plants will flourish in wet soil but avoid areas where there is standing water or flooding for long periods of time.

When choosing bog plants, check for the light requirements. Many large leaved plants will tolerate a certain amount of shade as well as full sun.

There are many options and we carry an extensive range:

Filipendula – with leaves that are often fern-like and stems bearing clusters of small flowers.

Filipendula Ulmaria Variegata

Geum – less common in a bog garden, however Geum is a native plant with feathery foliage & flowers in late spring and early summer.

Geum Mrs Bradshaw

Gunnera – requires a large area of boggy land, one of the largest hardy herbaceous plant with rhubarb like leaves which can grow 8ft x 5ft.

Gunnera Maniculata

Hemerocallis – is an excellent bog plant with a long flowering season and does well in sun or partial shade.

Hemerocallis Bonanza

Hosta – great for a shady spot in a bog garden with different varieties offering stunning foliage from near blue to almost pure yellow.

Hosta August Moon

Ligularia – the large leaves provide excellent ground cover and blooms in summer.


Lythrum – is a good choice for a bog garden with elongated, dark green leaves and narrow flower spikes densely packed with blooms from July to September.

Lythrum Salicaria Blush

Rodgersia – will thrive best in a sheltered, partially shaded area of a bog garden.

Rodgersia Hercules

Schizostylis – not a typical bog plant as it is not fully hardy and should be grown in a sunny sheltered spot. Blooms late in the season with the first buds in October lasting until December.

Schizostylis Coccinea Major


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We visited here for the first time today. Being newbies to gardening we were relieved to find everyone who works there to be so friendly & full of advice! Thanks! We'll be back!

Siobham Sneddon (Facebook)