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25th October 2019 | Planting Advice


Marginals have a purely ornamental role as they do not play a part in maintaining the balance of a pond. Marginal plants are those that grow around outer edges of the pond where the water is shallow or in damp soil at the edge of the pond. Marginals help to disguise the edges of the pond but you should plan them the way you would any border in the garden as they provide floral colour and/or interesting foliage.

Marginals plants prefer to have their roots and crown (where the stems join the roots) wet, the recommended planting depth is 0-6 inches depending on the variety. The traditional method of growing them is to plant them on or in the shallows of the pond, you can also set them in baskets lined with hessian.

There are many options and we have an extensive range, some of which are listed below:


Zantedeschia – Arum Lily. Rich green arrow shaped leaves with white funnel shaped flowers in Spring/Summer. Perennial – suitable for moist to wet soil conditions and prefers full sun. Not fully hardy as can be tender in bad frosts. Max height and spread 1m x 0.5m.

Carex Elata Aurea – This semi evergreen RHS Ward of Garden Merit clump forming grass has arching yellow leaves with a narrow edge of green. Green and Brown flower spikes appear in late spring and early Summer. Height and Spread 70cm x 50cm.

Houttuynia Cordata Chameleon – This highly scented vigorous grower is best kept in a pot and has green leaves with various markings in red, yellow pink and cream. In late spring it produces white flower spikes. Height and Spread 30cm x 1m.

Lythrum Salicaria Blush – This RHS Award of Garden Merit deciduous perennial is a vigorous grower and has green leaves and spikes of starry pink flowers produced from summer through to autumn.

Primula Florindae – is commonly known as cowslip. A beautiful addition to any border with its green basal leaves, clusters of yellow fragrant pendant flowers in summer. Height 100cm and spread 80cm.


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