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McLarens Nurseries > Allium Christorphii

Allium Christorphii

RRP: £14.00
Pot Size: 3L

Full Description

Star of persia. a bulbous perennial, with strap-shaped, grey-green leaves. Star-shaped, rosy-violet flowers are borne in spherical heads in early summer which are followed by attractive seed-heads. Height and Spread 60cm x 60cm.


Customer Comments

'If', you love gardens and plants, this is the *best shopping experience ever!! At the entrance, you are greeted by flora displays of what is to be found throughout the nursery, strong and healthy plants with colours and scents to match. Wandering around is a sheer delight with knowledgeable staff at hand to assist whatever your garden need may be. Love McLarens 

Cheryl V Bush (Facebook)