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Ginkgo Biloba

RRP: £168.00
Pot Size: 50L
Form: 200-250 cm
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Full Description

Slow-growing deciduous tree with soft, light green, fan-shaped foliage on open branches that have grey bark. Foliage turns bright yellow in Autumn. Female trees bears fruit. Plant n fertile, well-drianed soil and in full-sun. Max height and spread 25m x 8m.


Customer Comments

This afternoon myself, elderly mother and daughter visited your nursery. We had taken a couple of wrong turns and ended up at your nursery at 4.15pm and were disappointed that it closed at 4.30pm. We were looking for a large mature tree and my mum asked the lady at the counter for help and she call on a young gentleman called William. William was absolutely wonderful and so helpful. He took us around showing us all the different trees and we apologized for our late arrival but he assured us that wasn't a problem and that he was usually there till late. He gave us so much information and help that I felt I had to email you and let you know. You have a wonderful staff member in William and a credit to your staff and company.


Sheryl Noble (email)