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Lithodora Diffusa Alba

RRP: £1.60
Pot Size: 9cm
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Full Description

The delicate, starry flowers of this shrubby perennial are clear white. Evergreen, where hardy, and originates from the scrublands and woodland edges of forests from southwestern Europe to Turkey. Low, scrambling, densely-branched plant. Small, lance-shaped to needle-like leaves cover purple gromwell throughout the year. These are hairy and deep green. In late spring to early summer it becomes covered with many small, starry, white flowers. The bee-pollinated blooms are followed by inconspicuous, brown fruits. H 10.2cm – 15.2cm S 40.6cm – 50.8cm.


Customer Comments

Great nurseries..have great stock of everything. I would recommend that anyone looking for gardening ideas to visit here...staff very pleasant & helpful

Isobel Bonnar (Facebook)