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We truly are your one-stop shop. Get all your non-plant needs with us. Be it ceramic pots to decorate your garden or bark to keep the weeds down we have you covered!

Bark Bagged 75 litre
RRP: £6.50
Bark Loose 1/2 Bucket
RRP: £24.00
Bark Loose Composted Grade (Bucket)
Botanical Name: Barl Loose Composted Grade (Bucket)
RRP: £48.00
Bark Loose Medium Grade (Bucket)
RRP: £48.00
Black Crates Deep
RRP: £0.00
Black Crates Shallow
RRP: £0.00
Black Pots 15p per litre
Botanical Name: Black Pots 10p per litre
RRP: £0.00
Cadix Tub Large
RRP: £0.00
Cadix Tub Medium
RRP: £0.00
RRP: £0.00
Ceramic Pots to the value of
RRP: £0.00
Compost Bedding 50 litre
RRP: £7.00
Compost Ericaceous 50 Litre
RRP: £5.00
Compost General Erin 50 litre
RRP: £4.00
Compost Levington 75 Litre
RRP: £9.00
Compost Peat Free 75 litre
RRP: £0.00
Compost Recycled (Cube)
RRP: £48.00
Compost Recycled 50 litre
RRP: £4.00
Compost Recycled Unsterilised (cube
RRP: £30.00
Compost Shrub/Bedding
Botanical Name: Compost Peat Free 75 litre
RRP: £0.00
Credit Card Charge
RRP: £0.00
Daffs Bags
Botanical Name: R26/T4
RRP: £34.00
Daffs Tete a Tete
Pot Size: 9cm
RRP: £0.00
RRP: £0.00
Gas 15kg
RRP: £0.00
Gas 47kg
RRP: £0.00
Gravel 25 Litre
RRP: £4.00
Gravel per bucket
RRP: £48.00
Gro Bags
RRP: £3.00
Gro Organic 25kg
RRP: £14.00
Half Barrels
RRP: £36.00
Half Barrels Filled
RRP: £120.00
Hanging Basket Bracket
RRP: £0.00
Pot Size: 1L
RRP: £0.00
Holly Ball
Botanical Name: Holly Ball R25/T4
RRP: £0.00
Holly Wreath 10”
Botanical Name: Holly Wreath 10''
RRP: £16.00
Holly Wreath 12”
Botanical Name: Holly Wreath 12''
RRP: £20.00
Holly Wreath Door Knockers
Botanical Name: Door Knockers
RRP: £28.00
Lawn Sand 25kg
RRP: £0.00
Membrane 1mtr x 100mtrs
RRP: £45.60
Membrane 1mtr x 1mtr
RRP: £0.80
Membrane 2mtr x 100mtrs
RRP: £92.40
Membrane 2mtr x 1mtr
RRP: £0.00
Membrane 4mtr x 100mtrs
RRP: £184.00
Membrane 4mtr x 1mtr
Botanical Name: Membrane 4mtrs x 1mtr
RRP: £3.10
Membrane 5mtr x 100mtrs
RRP: £234.00
Membrane 5mtr x 1mtr
RRP: £4.00
Membrane 1m x 50m
Botanical Name: Membrane 1m x 50m.
RRP: £22.80
Membrane 3.25mtr x 100mtrs
RRP: £150.00
Membrane 3.25mtr x 1mtr
RRP: £2.35
Botanical Name: Moss R10/T4
RRP: £12.00
Netting 1 Metre
RRP: £0.00
Netting 2 Metre
RRP: £0.00
Nordman 8-10 ft
Botanical Name: Normands R44/T4
RRP: £78.00
Peat Garden 75 litre
Botanical Name: Potentila Red Ace
RRP: £0.00
Peat Garden 100 litre
RRP: £10.00

Customer Comments

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent quality Scottish plants! They arrived on time but I've only just got round to emailing you. Thanks once again!


Daniel Hill (email)